Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ewwww! Yes, draw out the ewwww.

I am pretty tough when it comes to students doing gross things, but today was just one of those eww days where I felt like I needed gloves and a doctor's mask just to be in the same room as them. 

Ewww #1: Student A is walking around the classroom and doing work at his desk while alternately putting one hand over his eye, then rubbing it, and then trying to open his eyelid with his finger tips as wide as it will go.

Me: Student A, what are you doing with your eye?
Student A: I have to do that 'cause it hurts and I can't open it, but I'm trying to. 
Me: Did something happen to it?
Student A: No, my dad says it's just allergies.
Me: Let me see. (Student A tries to open his eye which is bright red and goopy!) Are you sure it's allergies?
Student A: I dunno. 
Me: Have you had eye drops or seen a doctor?
Student A: Nope. (Student A proceeds to start coughing like he is losing a lung, but really is just releasing tons of flem into his hand. 
Me: Umm, go wash your hands really good please. 
(I go to write him a pass to the nurse for said eye and cough. Out of the corner of my eye I see Student A squirt Germ-X into his flem filled hand and walk away.)
Me: Student A! No way buddy! Try again.
(Student A sheepishly turns around and proceeds to actually wash his hands.)
Oh, outcome of nurse visit? No answer at home, student is returned to my room. Yea.
Ewww #2: I am in the middle of a reading group and the other students are doing reading centers around the room. Student B walks up to the table.

Student B: Mrs. Harris? There's something gross at spelling center.
Me: Really? What's wrong? (thinking, please don't be something I have to touch)
Student B: Someone's wiping buggers on the spelling letters. (plastic magnetic letters they spell words out with)
Me: Buggers? Are you sure?
Student B: Yeah. I went to grab the "T" and it had a bugger on it. I had to flick it away.
Me: You flicked the bugger or the letter? 
Student B: The letter, but I got the bugger too. There's more on some of the other letters.
Me: Great. Class, no more spelling center today! Student B, go wash your hands!

Ewww #3:  You know I had to save the best for last...or the grossest to me at least. I am teaching another reading group while the students are still doing centers. I look up to make sure students are on task, etc. when I see Student C at the sink washing cards that go with a tic tac toe reading game. 

Me: Student C, why are you washing the reading cards?
Student C: Ummm, they got dirty.
Me: How?
Student C: Well, I had to go to the bathroom (this is where I groan and know it is not going to be good) and I accidentally dropped the cards into the toilet.
Me: What?!! You brought the cards into the bathroom with you?!
Student C: Yes...
Me: And you got them out with your hands?!
Student C: Yes...
Me: And you were going to wash them off and put them back with the game without telling anyone?!
Student C: Ummm, yes. 
Me: Go put the cards in the trash and wash your hands! Wash them three times! 
(Student tries to give me a hug 15 mins later, and feeling bad but still completely grossed out, I refused the hug by telling him he needed to stay in the line we were walking in.)

Just coincidence that Student A, B, and C are all boys? No, I don't think so. 

You mothers out there probably don't think these are a big deal, and I have seen worse too, but these things happened within one hour of each other, in my classroom, to kids who are not mine, who are 7 or 8 and just too old to be doing these things! It is just ewww! 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Proposal

Yesterday I got to help with the proposal of my suite mate, Melissa at work! She teaches right next to me with our rooms connected by a small hallway, so we talk a lot and are pretty close. Her boyfriend had called Chris and had him make the ring and I didn't even know about it! I guess he asked Chris not to say anything. Then Brady (her boyfriend) called me a few days ago and asked if I could help with the proposal because he wanted her students to play a part. I was very excited for her and we concocted a plan. Luckily it all went perfectly and she was shocked! 

Our plan was for Brady to hide in another teacher's classroom then for the office to call Melissa down for some made up reason. Unfortunately they were mean and the principal called her into the office to talk to her about moving her to 4th grade next year. Anyway, as soon as she left I grabbed Brady and we had all her students write "Say Yes! Love, their name", on some valentines he had brought. They put them in envelopes and we laid them on a large rug she has on the ground. 

He went back to the teacher's classroom and she came back in all wound up about what the principal had talked to her about. I told her that her students had been all secretive while she was gone and I thought they were working on a valentine surprise for her. She went over to the carpet and started opening all the cards. She was so confused and the students just kept yelling for her to keep opening the cards. I had texted Brady that she had started opening, so he waited a minute then came in the room with roses. She didn't see him for  a minute and kept opening. Finally she looked up and saw him there in his suit and all. She was so shocked, it was awesome!  He got down on a knee and proposed. Her face was so red and she was tearing up. She said yes and the whole class (including mine who couldn't resist coming in) cheered and was jumping up and down. You should have seen how excited they were to help. It was really sweet. The ring Chris made is amazing and huge! She LOVED it and it was perfect. I am so happy for her because he is a really great guy and they are really in love with each other! I took pictures, but they aren't so great on here because I either had to crop of fuzz out students because we can't post pictures of them online.

Her opening the cards on the carpet
She finally looks up and sees him
The proposal
A yes and a hug
The beautiful ring

Melissa and I

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things Tag

I really have nothing to post about, but I know it drives me nuts when I check people's blogs and they have the same thing up forever. (hopefully I didn't hurt feelings!) My cousin tagged me with one of those 25 random things about you tags. Just stop here if you don't want to read a list.

1. I have no problem splurging for shirts, dresses, skirts, and jackets but hate spending much on shoes, jeans, and athletic wear. This makes me a really good bargain shopper though!

2. I have pretty much a hate/hate relationship with my red hair, but I can't bring myself to try dying it. Weird, I know. 

3. I don't like tomatoes, however, I will eat them cooked or in mexican food.

4. I love to read. I will try most genres but my favorites are children's books and 17-18th century english literature. Current reads: Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Yes, I am reading books by sisters. I guess I wanted to compare them.

5. I wouldn't mind spending most all of my vacations with family. 

6. I think the San Diego Temple is the prettiest building I have ever seen/been in. 

7. I have started to become addicted to 7-11's hot chocolate. I love the taste of the cheap stuff better than hot chocolate at nice places. I have to tell myself each night now that I don't need any.

8. I will watch or play most any sport. Soccer is the funnest to play and football the funnest to my opinion of course. Now that I'm an adult I have grown to like going to the gym.

9. I hate the color pink, but I love being and dressing girly, yet I have no problem getting dirty.

10. I don't like decorating my house because I want stuff out of my price range.

11. I could spend days at the tide pools in La Jolla, CA without getting bored.

12. I crave Sombrero's mexican food from San Diego a lot. I have even considered paying my parents to overnight me some on dry ice. 

13. I love christmas trees. They literally make me happier when I see them. Mine goes up right after Thanksgiving and goes down the week after New Year's. 

14. My husband says my body temperature is very "messed up". My extremities are usually either freezing or burning.

15. I can't walk by a blanket without touching it to see if it is soft. I have more blankets than a 26 year old should. Yes, I still sleep with a "blankie." 

16. I prefer baths to showers. That's my favorite place to read.

17. I have tried most brands of sunless tanner. It really stinks being pale.

18. I am normally just not that competative of a person but I can turn it on in certain instances. 

19. I love the color blue.

20. I am a total cuddler.

21. I can cry easily in books and movies but crying children have almost no effect on me. I guess I've seen too many fakers in my time teaching.

22. I seem to be one of the few left that is not cynical about marriage. I believe in true love, faithfulness and happily ever afters. 

23. I can't imagine doing any other profession besides teaching. I have known I would be a teacher for as long as I can remember. 

24. Growing up my cousins were my best friends. We spent the night at each other's houses as often as we could, were in school and church classes together, spent every holiday together, and they were even my bridesmaids along with my and Chris's sister. 

25. I was (and still am) freaked out of getting in trouble growing up. This is funny because I have really kind, patient, and understanding parents. I have never even had a detention. 

Now you know more random things about me than you ever wanted to!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Don't worry dad, I won't ask you if you've seen your shadow. Poor guy has been asked that every year since his birthday is on Groundhog Day! I just wanted to write a post in his honor... and to make up for the fact that I am late getting half his gift to him. (not all my fault-see last post :) 

Top Fifteen Reasons Why I Have The Best Dad!
(In no particular order because that is just too hard)

1. Best bedtime storyteller. Just ask my cousins and my class (not at bedtime!).

2. Can get away with yelling, "Go Dano!" from the bleachers at soccer games. Yes, this is through high school.

3. At more than double my age, he can surf, mountain and road bike, ski, and probably snowboard better than I can. (We haven't been together in awhile to test that out!)

4. Went to most all my softball, soccer, swimming, and track and field events. This includes club, high school, and tournaments. It's a wonder he knows what to do with his Saturdays now!
He even acted as a personal coach to me in all these sports even though he never played most of them.

5. Fed me bites of Snickers bars through the fence at some track meets to give me energy in between long and triple jumps.

6. Has driven to Idaho, Utah, and flown to Florida multiple times to help move me or spend time with me. Some of those drives were in horrible snowstorms too! Obviously not the Florida trip. :)

7. My dad is an awesome listener and always knows the right thing to say. He always makes me feel better and just gets me.

8. My dad is really spiritual.  He has always been a strong and great leader for our family both spiritually and temporally.

9. He will ride any roller coaster with me!

10. He gets mad at me when I say I am not attractive and always told me boys were just intimidated by me. Such a dad thing to say!  He always let's me know he loves me and is proud of me.

11. Has always known that I can reach all my goals even when I would get discouraged.

12. Is genuinely funny so he makes me laugh! 

13. My sister and I would go in my parents room at night and feel their faces in the dark for my dad's mustache because he's the one that would let us in bed with them.

14. While my dad was very loving, he taught us not to whine. "Hi hungry, I'm Randy." "Hi tired/thirsty/insert whine here, I'm Randy."

15. Has the best phrases that I still use today. After eating at a restaurant he would either say, "Have you soaked up enough atmosphere?" or "Well guys, let's blow this joint!"

There's a million other reasons why my dad is so great, but hopefully 15 gives him an idea of how much I love and appreciate him. I couldn't have asked for more in a father. 
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soooooo Sick!

I teach 8 year olds that like to talk to me two inches away from my face, like to hug me, forget to cover their mouths when they sneeze, and don't like to waste time washing their hands. 

Combine that with our crazy weather change (frost in Florida!!)

Add to that the fact that I don't exactly get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. What does this add up to? Being totally and completely sick! Bleck! Luckily, Chris stepped up and cleaned the house, did the laundry (although I think he just doesn't want to be infected), brought me food, and has asked me what I need many times. So for the last few days I have been grateful for these few comfort items:

An early Valentine's present from Chris. I have been wearing them quite a lot, even while sleeping!

The most comfortable blanket ever that my parents gave me for Christmas two years ago.
(One item I have managed to make Chris hold off on washing just yet.)

And, since I haven't been able to sleep much, a book to help me pass the time. I'll let you know if its any good.