Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school...I mean work

My first week of going back to work is over and I am TIRED! The first week of school takes a lot of energy and time. I had to make sure my classroom looked perfect (which required manual labor), I had to smile big for the parents and new students, prepare labels, info sheets to fill out, welcome letters, and an open house slide show that the parents didn't even get to watch, and...oh yeah, prepare lesson plans!

Luckily I didn't have any overly creepy or sweaty dads like last year, nor did I have parents flat out tell me how awful their child is like last year, so I'm feeling pretty lucky. I am, however, the designated teacher for children with learning disabilities and developmental or behavior issues. This has been interesting as those students cannot do most of what I have been doing so far but would rather visit the restroom 16 times or spin in circles while sitting or walking in line. Luckily they will start getting pulled out for part of the day by a resource teacher for some subjects, so things should go smoother. One of those little guys has not sat still for an instant since I met him and likes to stand up and yell out random noises or words. So I'm not trying to be mean by wanting to pawn these kids off, they just need to be in a small group to get the help they (and I) deserve.

I have found myself watching my students and comparing them to classes of years past. Every year it amazes me how different each class is and that they take on a personality. I really like these kids so far and realize how much I love teaching. It just feels good to be back in the classroom with a new group of kids who are so eager to love you and be loved. Their desire for me to acknowledge and like them is literally visible. I got two apples on the first day of school from a couple students which was pretty cute.

There have been some observations I can't help making.
1. More than half my students have a different last name than their parent(s).
2. My class/school has changed drastically in our ethnicity make up just in the years I have been teaching there.
3. More than 2/3 of the parents did not buy the school supplies on the list they were given. Yet only about 1/4 didn't bring any in at all.
4. Every day I feel a huge range of emotions/moods. each day I can be really happy and am laughing but at some point am also breathing deeply to keep my cool. (Is that healthy?)
5. I have yet to discipline one girl in my class but that is not exactly the case for the boys.
6. I have had more boys than girls in my class every year I have ever taught...including preschool. I really hope I'm not one of those moms someday that has 6 boys because I keep trying for at least one girl.
7. I love listening to 7 year old conversations. One student this morning told a boy in his group that his mom must be really rich because he bought a new school shirt and had truck erasers with wheels that really spin.

Okay, enough school talk. For now at least...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tutoring Tots

The new school year starts for me on Monday since teachers go back early. I am actually excited to get back to the grind despite the fact that I found out as of right now I have 12 boys and 5 girls, not to mention I am the designated home room for 2nd graders with learning disabilities. So far that is 5 of the 12 boys. I am confident though that after last year it couldn't be worse... well almost confident.
I have spent the summer tutoring and have really enjoyed it. I tutored three 4 year old girls separately and a 9 year old boy. There were many times when I had to bite back a laugh. Here are some of my favorites:

4 year old
1. N: (Big smile on her face) You know what? When my dog Boris dies I get to have a little puppy!
Me: Oh, but that will be sad when Boris dies.
N: (Shrugs her shoulders) Yeah, but Boris is really old and I really want a new puppy.

4 year old
2. Me: Okay, we're going to pick a word from the book and write some words that rhyme with it. How about...Duck (the whole book was about ducks in my defense.)
L: Hmmm, Luck!
Me: Great job, sound it out and write it down. How about another one.
L: (looks up in the air) Ummmm..... Tuck!
Me: Awesome! Can you think of any more. (In my head I'm thinking "Puck" or "Suck".
L: (Thinking really, really hard, then YELLS) F... (yes, she did and was so proud.)
A lesson totally learned!

9 year old boy
3. Me: (After reading a sci fi book) We're writing a story about what you would do if you had a clone of yourself. What would you have your clone do for you?
J: Beat up my older sisters.
Me: okay, well its your story.

4 year old
4. E: Miss Danielle, don't go! I will come live with you! I want to go in your car! Or you can live with me!
Me: What about my husband? He might miss me if I live with you.
E: No, he's fine. You can sleep in my room.

There's a bunch more, but I can't think of them right now. They were so stinking cute and I'm glad I got to do this this summer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seriously Spoiled

Chris and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary later this month. Normally women wait to redo their wedding rings at least until their 10 year anniversary, but when you're married to a jeweler...there has to be some benefits right? I think so. I told Chris I am a walking advertisement for his business so getting a new wedding ring will be an investment! You've got to give me points for trying. Well, I am feeling seriously spoiled because I got part of my new wedding ring last weekend! I say part because even though I am normally not high maintenance, when given permission to get a new ring, I decided to get one I really wanted so we are doing this in stages. I realize this makes me sound horrible, but I'm willing to live with those consequences.
The picture below is my new engagement ring minus the huge rock in the middle. We are putting my original diamond in the setting (for now). :) It is very sparkly!
These next two pictures are what's going to be added at a later date. I have always loved the look of stackable rings and in fact wanted only stackables for my new ring, but Chris couldn't get over the fact that I wouldn't have a solitaire. So, what I decided was to do both! I'm going to have two rose gold micro pave bands that will go on each side of the two bands above. The rose gold is softer than yellow gold and looks really good with my new setting. It creates a new design when they are all together.
This is what my solitaire will eventually look like. I love the look of pave diamonds around a round cut diamond. This will replace my original princess cut diamond eventually. I'm a patient girl!

So, thank you, thank you dear husband for being so generous! I promise I'll pass out more of your business cards! And dear friends, don't think of me as shallow, but a wife just looking to promote her husband's business! :)