Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

I wish I could say I haven't posted in awhile because I have been doing too many fun things to keep up with. Unfortunately that is not the case! I have had a week full of ups and downs. I usually like roller coasters, but the emotional ones really stink! 
To keep it short and non-gruesome...
- I was supposed to have surgery to remove a septum dividing my uterus on Tuesday.
-My mom arrived in Tampa Sunday night to help me with the surgery.
-I was called Monday morning by the hospital to tell me my insurance had not sent an approval.
-This was a shock to me since I already paid my co-pay for the surgery 2 weeks before.
-I am told by my insurance that my surgery had been denied. "Didn't you get the letter we sent Thursday?" No, no I didn't (and still haven't gotten this so called letter.)
-I am told by others in my Dr.'s office that it was all a mistake. Wrong insurance linked to my ID. 
-Am told it will all go through fine.
-I stay on my liquid diet since I will still get my surgery.
-Am told, oops, it is denied after all. The insurance Dr. did not find it "medically necessary."
-They want to talk to my Dr. who is out of town until the night before my surgery.
-I cry. I need the surgery.
-I do all I can to get ahold of my Dr. and finally do as he is getting off his plane. 
-He can't do anything until the next day because everything is pretty much closed, but assures me he will talk to the insurance and straighten in all out so I can have surgery the next week. (He only does surgery on Tuesdays.)
-I sadly remind him my mom is in town and is leaving before then.
-30 mins. later I am told there is a slight possibility if the Dr. can convince the insurance I in fact need this very necessary surgery, they can squeeze me in on Thursday. Fingers were crossed, prayers were said!
-My mom and I wait at the kitchen table until 12:30 Tuesday afternoon for a phone call.
-The surgery is on for Thursday! It only took my Dr. 5 mins on the phone with the insurance to convince them...or threaten them!
-I get to eat/drink liquids for yet another day before surgery.
-I go to the hospital on Thursday for my surgery.
-While I get admitted the nice lady tells me that she doesn't see an insurance authorization on her screen. 
-Chris and I look at each other like we have been slapped in the face.
-She calls the Dr.'s office and gets an authorization number.
-She tells us she still needs to verify this with my insurance.
-My hopes for having the surgery begin to fall...again.
-While on hold, she tells us we also owe money for the surgery.
-Luckily by now I am smart enough to carry every last bit of info on me and I happen to have a receipt which I promptly produce.
-As I am prepped for surgery, I am still waiting for someone to burst through the door to tell me that they are so sorry, but I cannot have this surgery.
-Happily this does not happen and after talking to Chris and my mom and a slew of doctors, I am wheeled in and having surgery!
-After recovering in a haze for awhile and losing the liquid in my stomach on the way home, I am now feeling great and am so happy it is over with!
-The Dr. found some extra things we didn't know about and was able to take care of those and the septum. 
-After a horrible roller coaster ride, I am feeling very grateful for an amazing doctor, a doting husband, a loving and hard working mother, many great friends, and tons of others who couldn't be with me but were praying for me. 

I guess this didn't fall into the "short" category I was hoping for, but hopefully it wasn't gruesome. I have pictures and a DVD of the surgery for that! Just so you don't feel too bad for me, the extra days of feeling good before surgery gave my mom and I some more shopping days that we took full advantage of. Also, my recovery has been so great, that we were able to sit and pump out around 40 homemade cards. I guess that covers my week!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No More Bachelorette Parties For Me

A good friend of mine is getting married soon and in keeping with the typical tradition of excited brides-to-be, she had a bachelorette party. Me, having gotten married a little earlier than average and having some pretty conservative habits, did not have one of these parties, nor have I gone to one because most of my friends have a similar background to mine.
You can imagine therefore, my mild apprehension at going, yet I love this friend and wanted to support her. We went to The Columbia restaurant first and watched the flamingo dancers and ate good food. This restaurant has been open since 1905 and has some beautiful architecture and decor. 

We then went to Channelside where there are lots of restaurants, shops, bars, bowling, and a movie theatre. We hit a couple bars where there was music and dancing. Melissa, the bride, was pulled on stage where she stood uncomfortably for a minute or two, then hurried off. 

We mostly stood around and listened to music, danced a little, and talked a lot. It was definitely an eye opening experience for me as I watched people act stupid and lose control a bit, or a lot. I was the only one not drinking, yet I was not the only one driving. This made me sad and a little more wary about driving late at night. If anything, this night made me grateful for the habits I have grown up with and the more "boring," conservative lifestyle I lead. It was not my cup of tea, but I know that by the world's standards that makes me strange and I'm okay with that. I was glad that I got to go for my friend, but probably won't go to another celebration of a "last free night out."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
We celebrated our country's freedom by spending time at my In Law's house with family and friends, stuffing ourselves with food, swimming, and playing on the Wii. It was a really fun day to relax and ponder how lucky I am to be an American! 

Chris's sister, Camie and her husband Mike are now Floridians, and of course they brought their dog. You might not think that is a big deal except that over the last year or two my husband has decided he wants a dog, and "Bear" is just fueling his fire! He wouldn't put the dog down. Thanks guys. 

Our friend Craig decided to bring his dog, Waylo along as well.

Mike just hanging out after swimming

Camie eating some delicious angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. 
This is Camie's signature pose when she's eating food! 

I decided to make mine look pretty and added blueberries to make it look patriotic.

Craig had his with some blue topping as we really got into the USA spirit.

Mike and our friend Clark striking a pose.

Chris intensely playing Wii.

We tried to cheat on Wii by having someone guide you on one of the games. It didn't really work.

Clark didn't want me to mess him up.

Calla wanted to play too!