Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little of This and That

Our camera is being fixed...again. Poor Lila will look back at pictures and wonder what happened from about 18 months to 2 years! Any pictures taken have been random ones with our phones,  not the best. 

Lila has taken to wearing Chris's hats around the house. She really does wear shirts but this was in the process of getting her out of pj's and into real clothes. Yes, it is a process.

Lila has the best hair. I'm pretty jealous of it. Straight on top, ringlet curls on the bottom. It is long enough now to do a single pony and I love it!

We went with Chris to a work conference in Orlando. Lila was in love with the pools they had, but I wasn't so in love with living in a hotel room with her for 4 days. As usual, she found every naughty thing to do! She was pretty determined to turn the light on and off in this picture.

 Chris has been great to give me some nights off during this pregnancy by taking Lila to Busch Gardens  (a zoo/amusement park here). She's pretty happy to be there.

We should have a camera soon so I'm hoping to have more pictures! I can't believe Lila is a month away from her 2nd birthday! Time flies. My pregnancy is going great and I am really grateful for that. I am not liking the whole looking quite fat part of it, but that kind of goes along with the rest. We are excited to see what it's like to have a baby boy in this house and are still debating names. Boy's names are much harder for us than girl's! Other than taking Lila to play at the splash pool at the Y, going to Dr appointments and doing YW stuff, I have been tutoring a lot, mostly during Lila's nap times. I love being able to teach still in my own way, but sometimes I do miss the "me" time naps usually provide. Chris is still working hard and playing hard. He enjoyed playing 3 rounds of golf at his conference with judges and likes to go shooting when he can. Lila girl is still our water baby with no fear. Lately she loves her baby dolls but especially dumping things. She will take any two container like things and dump water, dried beans, beads, or whatever else I have from one container to the next. This usually ends in a mess but provides a long while of entertainment first. She is still not a big talker but manages to convey what she wants in plenty of loud ways. Lovely. What she lacks in verbal skills she more than makes up for physically. I love watching her pour water from one water bottle to another without spilling a drop. Such concentration and one of the only times she is relatively still! Well, enough catch up. Til next time.