Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Mickey and Outside Time

Last weekend Chris was working in Orlando so Lila and I tagged along. We visited the "free" Disney World. Oh, you didn't know there was one? There isn't, but if you want the Disney ambiance without forking out a bunch of money, you can go to Downtown Disney. There are a bunch of shops, restaurants and all things Disney. We had a great time but re-confirmed that our daughter has no fear. All she wanted to do was run, dance and climb whether there were masses of people in her way or not. It was a little tiring! We went Friday night for a little bit and Sat. late afternoon and evening.

Mmm, Ghirardelli...

Brownie Sundae, chocolate filled croissant and hot chocolate. Yeah, we felt a little sick after, but it was worth it!

At night they had dance parties for kids. Lila was all about it and wowed us with some amazing dance moves. I posted a video at the bottom of the post, but she wasn't busting out her best moves by the time the camera came out and my video taking skills are pretty crummy.

Day to day Lila and I spend a lot of time outside. It is finally cooling down enough to actually enjoy being outside. Hooray!

(Loving the waves that are coming in her hair)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Howdy Partner

Lila was our sweet cowgirl for Halloween this year! She was so darn cute in her boots and pigtails. These pictures and video are from Chris's phone, so not so great but my in-laws got others I need to grab from them. Until then, at least you can see her cute costume!
Lila didn't want to walk, she wanted to run from door to door. She also wouldn't let us help carry her fun spider trick or treat bag. Even when it got so heavy she was practically dragging it. She's no fool!

No one was home but I like this video anyway!