Friday, May 28, 2010

26 weeks

I've been promising my family an updated pregnant photo. It's not my favorite picture, but oh well. Apparently I look a lot more pregnant when I look down at myself than in this picture. I really do have a bump though! Everything is going well on this little adventure known as bed rest. I have weekly appointments which is a pain, but at least I get to hear the heartbeat every week and see her in a sono every other week. Last time she was sucking on her little hands and that was so fun to watch. My cerclage is holding well and she is the right size and all that jazz.

You may have noticed my little countdown on the side. We did decide on Lila for her name and love it, so if you don't, don't tell me! :) I waited until now to do a countdown because I didn't think I could stand seeing so many days left in the beginning. Now it is under 100 days and should be less because I get the cerclage out at 37 weeks and am SUPPOSED to start labor soon after that. I am hoping these doctors are right about that! Right now though we celebrate each week Lila stays in there and even though we are anxious to meet her, we hope she decides to make her appearance after the 37 week mark.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greatest Gift!

Right now I am laying on my bed while my house is being cleaned for me! It feels soooo good to have a clean house! Since my parents live too far away to help while I am on bed rest, they really wanted to do something. They are making sure my house gets cleaned so I don't go crazy staring at the dust, etc... and can't do anything about it. Now I won't be embarrassed when people come visit me. It feels really weird to lay down while other people clean but this has to be one of the greatest gifts ever. Thanks mom and dad!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After my first week of bed rest I was given the okay to go back to work. I was so excited and was actually super careful to sit and teach and have the kids grab stuff for me. I also had other teachers walk them to lunch, art, pe, and music. Despite my best efforts, I only lasted two days until there was bleeding. It freaked me out and I got myself to the doctor only to hear that I was back on bed rest and done teaching for the rest of the year. I was grateful the baby was fine and nothing looked worse, probably just irritated, but I was so hoping to finish out the year.
I have come to terms with it though, and now have lots of time to catch up on blogging. Here are pictures from camp (pre bed rest) and a baby shower my work threw me and a co worker.

I was in charge of crafts this year for our girls camp and it was pretty fun. The first day we made headbands. I had the basic plastic headbands for each girl then they had tons of stuff to decorate them with. Think fake flowers, fabric, ribbon, felt, sequins, gems, butterfly, heart, and dragonfly embelishments, and tons more.
This cute girl decided to sew together two ribbons by hand and she was there forever! She then glued it on her headband and it was super cute!

All the hot glue guns taped to a long wall.
The next day we made boards. The boards were cut and painted before camp. Using one of those cricket machines a lady cut out laminate patterns for me that would go on the board then allow for the girls to pick out the outline of the letters from the laminate. Then they painted over what was left, peeled off the remaining laminate and were left with our camp theme. After, they could decorate the boards with embelishments. It was great in theory but the letters turned out to be extremely hard to pick out! The machine didn't cut through the laminate like it should have and it was a little hectic. I had lots of leaders that helped in a pinch though, and we were able to get a lot of it picked out for the girls before they rotated to me.

On the third day the girls switched off between making friendship bracelets and painting these tiles that we had helped lay down as a service project. I was over the tiles so I don't have pictures of the bracelets. The girls were very creative!

Here is my first baby shower! My second grade team threw it for me and another second grade teacher who is getting married. They were very creative in how they put the two themes together. There was food, games, presents, cake, and cute decorations. I got tons of great stuff for our baby girl and can't wait to put it all to use.

This is my, "Oh this is soooo cute!" face. Which I now see is not so cute!

This is my friend and suite mate Melissa who did most of the work for my shower. She is also taking on a lot of work to help my sub while I am gone. I don't know what I or my students would do without her.