Monday, March 21, 2011

Lila Fun

I am woefully behind on posting so here is a month's worth of Lila pictures. We have been having so much fun! I can't believe this is what I get to do. Don't get me wrong, my daughter is quite strong-willed and can be a pill, but she is really good when we are out and we tend to go a lot of places. :) I am lucky to live in a place where we can be outdoors all year and am surrounded by friends with lots of kids to play with. I got to watch a lot of firsts during Lila's 6th month. I can't believe she is almost 7 months!
Lila's first time swimming
Poor pale baby! Luckily I am Queen of Sunscreen and Shade
One of the young women asked if she would "grow out of that." Hmmm, no, I'm quite sure Lila will not be winning any tanning contests in her lifetime.

Lila's first balloon

My friend, Jenna's baby shower. She's having twins and looks awesome!
Lila's first time wearing the outfit I've been waiting for her to grow into. I love this girl in blue!

Lila's first hockey game...probably won't do that one for a long time! They were free last minute tickets and we really wanted to get out of the house. It was so loud but Lila never cried, just looked shell-shocked the whole time. We only stayed for about an hour, leaving when a lady behind us asked if I wanted some ear plugs for my baby. Not my proudest parenting moment. I think Lila was fine, this lady just wanted to show her disapproval.

I love Lila in leg warmers.

Lila is starting to sit up on her own but isn't all that steady yet.

Trying out her first sippy cup. She mostly just gnaws on it.

I realize most people pick one picture from each event, but I can never pick just one. I had to put all three of these pictures on just for me because I truly love them. She looks SO small (and happy) in the shopping cart with her fluffy cover. This kid is so much better when she can sit up and see everything rather than being in her car seat!

Lila's first golf tournament on St. Patrick's Day (yes, all 3 of us are wearing green). Chris got cheap tickets to the PGA tournament in Palm Harbor and we had a blast. All the old men and women cooed over Lila and she was actually quiet during the putts. I was a little worried some poor golfer would shank the ball during one of her growls or screams, but luckily she loves her puff cereal pieces and I was quick to shove them in her mouth.

Lila loves bread (wonder where she gets that from.) She had fun gnawing on it.

Lila refuses to stay on her baby bath now and in fact refuses to stay on her back. She now baths on her belly, which she LOVES. She pushes off the sides of the tub and slides around to catch her toys. She does sneeze sometimes into the water and comes up looking a little shocked but is a good sport about it!

More swimming, well getting ready to swim in these pictures. I love all her swim suits. They are too much fun!

Lila's first time at the beach. The water is still a bit cold. I put her feet in and she promptly picked them up under her. Sissy!

Lila is taking steps now when I hold her hands.

Whew, I need to keep up better so I don't have marathon posts like this one. I realize I post too many pictures and am "wordy" but I really want to document Lila's first year. Most of my friends have just had their last kid and sit and enjoy, and here I am with my first snapping millions of pictures but I don't care! :)