Monday, May 16, 2011

She's a Mover and a Shaker

My baby is growing up at an alarming speed and while I love watching it happen, I still feel like I just had her and want her to stay little! About two weeks ago, Lila decided to crawl, pull herself up without help and try "cruising" around all in a matter of a few days. She is now really fast unless I have her in pants or a long dress, then it's more like a slip and slide around our house. We are madly baby proofing and trying not to cringe while she bangs herself up every now and then.

Here she is pulling herself up and digging around.

Visiting some fountains with friends. Lila was wary of the alternating, shooting streams of water for about two minutes, but after careful study she decided she couldn't get enough.

(I threw a hat on her since she still doesn't have enough hair to protect her pale scalp!)

Hanging around the house. A progression of events:

I have a whole bag of Cheerios.

Hmm, I spilled a few...I think I liked that.

But wouldn't it be better if I thrashed the bag around all of a sudden so I spilled ALL of them?!
Yes, that will do.

I know most people don't watch the videos, and that's perfectly fine- but for my family, here is Lila crawling and one of her pulling herself up while saying mom-mom-mom (the only thing she says but it's so clever why would anything else be necessary?)