Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabulous Days Please Stay!

I've been feeling pretty lucky with life lately and I'm hoping it stays for awhile! Here's what we've been up to:
Playing dress up, or at least from the shins down. Lila found these pink boots I was storing under her crib and has been bringing them to me ever since. She will throw them at me, sit down and hold her foot out. Then she goes stomping around the house. I didn't know it started so early...

Making funny faces. Lila's new "Ohhh" face. Pretty cute.

Taking Lila to the park. Here's the one shot of her liking the swing. She's not such a fan. Only kid I know that isn't. She mostly just likes to walk around and look at all the kids play.

Palest mexican ever. We got Lila this dress in Old Town while in San Diego. It's a section near downtown of very authentic mexican, shops, clothes, music, etc. I think she looks gorgeous in it!

Sporting some Halloween spirit.

Lila's hair fits in pig tails!!! Just barely :) I'm mostly just excited we have graduated from headbands to clips!

On Monday, Chris had half the day off for Columbus Day, so we took advantage of the fabulous weather and went to the beach at Anna Maria Island in Sarasota. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were wishing we had a beach house, really, really wishing.

What did she do with all this sand you ask?

Dumped it on Chris. Over and over again. It will take awhile to bury him at this pace, but she thought it was pretty funny.

Who doesn't want a gorgeous bird to add to the scenery?

End of a successful day.