Thursday, January 3, 2013


I feel behind on pretty much everything these days: cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry putting the few Christmas decorations I put up this year away, thank you get the idea. So what am I catching up on first? My blog. Makes total sense to me.

Although I should use the term "catch up" loosely. I'm tired, holding a squirmy Liam, still in pj's and sitting next to Lila whose currently playing with a plastic orange which could turn into a weapon at any moment, so the pictures I have easy access to are what's making it up on the blog today.

Where's Waldo? Lila takes naps on the floor about half the time now. I lay her in bed and find her on the floor. Whatever!

Getting round cheeks...and thinning hair :(

Sunday before Christmas

Loved his penguin pants and red shoes!

Her tights are glittery and so cute!

Christmas PJ's

Opening gifts from the Rose side on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning 

Christmas Day

She loves her wagon from Chris's parents

My attempt at a picture with my kids

More squishy face

Liam at 4 or 5 days old

There, I feel a little better now. I still want to post the nice pictures my dad took and record his birth story, but another day! I'm spent :)