Thursday, January 3, 2013


I feel behind on pretty much everything these days: cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry putting the few Christmas decorations I put up this year away, thank you get the idea. So what am I catching up on first? My blog. Makes total sense to me.

Although I should use the term "catch up" loosely. I'm tired, holding a squirmy Liam, still in pj's and sitting next to Lila whose currently playing with a plastic orange which could turn into a weapon at any moment, so the pictures I have easy access to are what's making it up on the blog today.

Where's Waldo? Lila takes naps on the floor about half the time now. I lay her in bed and find her on the floor. Whatever!

Getting round cheeks...and thinning hair :(

Sunday before Christmas

Loved his penguin pants and red shoes!

Her tights are glittery and so cute!

Christmas PJ's

Opening gifts from the Rose side on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning 

Christmas Day

She loves her wagon from Chris's parents

My attempt at a picture with my kids

More squishy face

Liam at 4 or 5 days old

There, I feel a little better now. I still want to post the nice pictures my dad took and record his birth story, but another day! I'm spent :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Liam Hugh Harris

I guess since my baby is now 3 weeks old, it's finally time to do a post for the poor kid. Plus it just felt weird every time I'd click on my blog and the first words on my page are, "I'm still pregnant." Since Liam is proof that I most definitely am not still pregnant, it's time to post something else.

Liam Hugh Harris joined our family at 7:50 am on November 29th. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz. and was 20 inches long. He has blue eyes and brown hair (so far) and it is really long! Like, over his ears, down his neck, I can make a faux hawk long. It's pretty fun to have something different since Lila is so blonde.

This is before our ward Christmas party when Liam was just over a week old. Can you tell Lila is not so thrilled he is here? I tried to get her to hold him and she emphatically shook her head and pushed him away. I sat him next to her and she moved as far away from him as she could. 

Now she will look at him, laugh at him, pretend to kiss him (her lips never actually touch his skin) and touch her nose to his. Mostly though she just pretends he's not there which is better than the hitting we were anticipating. Instead she has decided to take her wrath out on me. Lila has always been a hard kid and now she's kind of impossible. I'm hoping she will chill out soon and accept that she's not the only child anymore! If there's something naughty to do, she'll find it. If there doesn't seem to be anything she can get into or destroy, she'll create something. It's been a fun three weeks...

Luckily Liam has been a wonderful baby so far and is super patient when he has to get on and off while nursing so I can stop Lila from whatever bad thing she is doing or when I need to cook or shower. He has days and nights mostly figured out which is great for my sanity! He and Lila always seem to have most of their nap time coincide so I get to nap too. It's fabulous!

Chris has been a fantastic dad of two and has taken on the role of giving Lila extra attention when he gets home from work. He also gets up with Lila most mornings so I can get some extra sleep. For whatever reason Lila thinks 6:30 is a good wake up time even though we don't need to be anywhere! Chris loves having a boy around and I love listening to him talk to Liam while he holds him. It's very sweet. 

I have some gorgeous pictures my dad took of Liam and the rest of the family but they are on Chris's computer so I still need to get them off. I'll post those soon and his birth story too. For now, we are just happy he is here safe and sound and that he is so healthy after all my pregnancy drama! We just love him!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still pregnant. Just thought I'd get that out of the way because that's the first thing everyone asks when I call anyone. Shockingly to everyone, my due date is Thursday and I feel like our little guy is more comfy than ever. Go figure.

I get induced Friday which I think is just a hilarious end to this crazy roller coaster we have been on over the past four months. My parents fly in tomorrow and while I'm happy they will be here for the birth, a part of me is sad they won't get as much time with him at home since they can only stay a week.

I have been to Busch Gardens 3 times in 6 days and still no baby so I'm pretty sure Friday will be the day. We are really excited to meet our little guy!

How about a picture of Lila to end this little post? I'm in love with this outfit my mom bought for her.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Witchy Halloween

I was so excited to finally be home for an important event!! We spent Halloween evening with Chris's family and had a great time. Lila, Calla and Cohen were so excited to go trick or treating together. 

Lila was a very stylish witch this year. My mom sewed this cute costume last year and I love it! I'm going to be sad when I can't pick her costumes any more.

Captain America Girl

Captain America! Cohen was too excited about the rubber snake to hold still for a photo :)

I went with them to about 3 houses so I could see her trick or treat, then went back to the house to relax. Of course the cerclage comes out one day AFTER Halloween!

Blowing me a kiss 

Chris decided to pull Lila around in a wagon and just had her walk up to each house. Smart guy! Lila was in heaven because she not only didn't have to walk, but she got to check out her candy in between each house. 

Cohen thought it was a pretty good idea towards the end!

The best part...coming home to enjoy the spoils! You think she looks comfy?

I love Halloween! I can't wait until next year when I get to dress up two kids! I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost There

There's finally a light at the end of this long tunnel I've been stuck in for too long! I will be 36 weeks pregnant on Thursday and will be getting my cerclage out and will be proclaimed a "normal pregnant woman." Dr's words, not mine. I don't think there's anything normal about pregnancies and the more I talk to people, the more I wonder how many people actually have a routine pregnancy! 

Here is my great self portrait taken last Friday at 35 weeks before my dr appt. (probably the only reason  I'm wearing real clothes.)

At my appointment they did an ultra sound to do a baby growth check. I have those every 3 weeks to make sure he's making gains since he measures small. They're guessing he weighs about 5 lbs right now (24th percentile), his abdomen measures small, but his head is right on. He's a little too cramped to get an idea of length, but all looked good. I have an ultra sound every week so they can check my fluid and to make sure all his vitals look good. It's fun for me to see him so often! I was dilated to a 1 but there was not pressure on the cerclage and the dr said that wasn't anything to worry about at this point.

As you can imagine, after getting my cerclage put in about 22 weeks ago and being on strict, flat out  bed rest for about 12 of those weeks, I have been making a list of all the things I want to do before the baby comes. (I'm hoping he'll give me a few weeks!) 

*I want to walk a mall! (And shop for baby stuff)
*Make it at least one more time to Busch Gardens with Lila
*Finish cleaning out my garage (the little my mom didn't get to finish for me!)
*Take a bath (you aren't allowed to swim or soak with a cerclage in.)
*Go to a movie
*Go out to dinner
*Finish the nursery
*Lift Lila (poor girl's been over my lifting limit since the cerclage)
*Grocery's the little things, not to mention I spend less than Chris!
*Do a little Christmas shopping
*Try to repay some of the service that's been given to me 
*Just not think about being careful all the time

There's more, mostly having to do with shopping, errands, and cleaning but you get the idea. I'm a little worried that either I'm going to be so excited to do so much that I overdo it and have the baby earlier than I want to or that I will want to do so much but since I've basically been a sloth for so long, I'm not going to have the energy or muscle mass to carry out many of my plans!

Enough of all that, here's my cute Lila! Tara sent me a lot of these cute pictures.

Watching cows with the twins Tara watches

Playing with chalk. Apparently she didn't try to eat any of it this time, so I guess she's growing up!

Blurry ones I took outside with Chris pushing her on the swing.

Finally cool weather for pants and long sleeves!

Her new favorite way to enjoy the swings:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home At Last

I haven't been very good at updating lately but for a while there wasn't much to say. My days in the hospital were roughly the same monotonous routine of being monitored morning and evening, nurses, techs, doctors, housekeeping and dietary coming in and out all day while I played online, read, watched tv or talked on the phone. I was to be checked at 32 weeks to see how the baby and my cervix was doing and to possibly be sent home. Chris and I disagreed on me going home, him wanting to be more conservative and have me stay 2 more weeks and me so ready to go home it wasn't even funny. Last Friday I had a long ultra sound and the baby looked great even though his abdomen was still measuring small and my cervix had actually gained a little bit of length. 

Chris got to the hospital just as the ultra sound ended but in time to talk to the doctor about what the plan would be. The doctor pretty much laid it out that my insurance was not going to cover my hospital stay any longer since there were no indicators that I needed to be there. He also told us that even if I went home and had a problem, they probably wouldn't try too hard to keep me from having the baby since I was at a safer point. Knowing we'd have to pay a large insurance bill if I stayed and that I wouldn't be readmitted for another round of bed rest at the hospital, Chris finally gave in! My mom was flying in the next day so we decided to just wait and have me come home Saturday evening after Chris and Lila picked her up. Saturday night was the best in a long time! My mom, Chris and Lila got there and got me all packed up (no small feat) and after 52 days, I got to go home!!!

It has been fabulous to sleep in my own bed, see Lila and Chris every morning and evening, have my mom baby me, and eat real food! Lila still goes to Tara's during the week while my mom asks where I want things and has been getting my house organized and ready for baby boy (we really need to pick a name...) My mom has been working non stop and I'm a little worried she's not going to want to visit me ever again since I seem to put her to work every time she comes! I have loved watching how Lila and Chris have grown even closer than they used to be while I was away. She's a lucky girl to have such an attentive and fun dad. Her little world is going to be rocked pretty soon when the baby comes but it will be good for her! It has been crazy to see how she has grown up in just the 2 months I missed. She plays with her babies and fake kitchen food more correctly now (read not just slamming them around the house.) She is saying a lot more words now too!

I had my first check up yesterday since being home. I was a little nervous and kept chanting, "no bad news, no bad news" over and over again in my head. Luckily it all went great. I am over 33 weeks now and feel so blessed to have made it to this point. I feel good and confident that I'll have this baby pretty close to full term. My next count down is to the 36 week mark when I can finally get the cerclage out and officially be off bed rest!! That will be a great day. I'm a little worried I will have no energy or strength to do much that's productive since I have been laying for so long but hopefully it will come back quickly.  

So, things are good and we are happy! Any perfect baby boy names??? We have a couple ideas but can't agree on anything!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Here and Kicking

In 2 days I will be 30 weeks pregnant! I can't wait to get out of the 20' just sounds better! I have just over another 2 weeks in the hospital for sure, then they check me and if I look like I'm still holding steady, they will send me home. Chris wants me here longer, but I really don't think the doctors are going to go for it this time. I haven't gotten any worse and they aren't doing anything for me except giving me progesterone suppositories and bed rest. I can do that at home for a few more weeks until we are out of any danger zone. I don't think he trusts me to be good and stay in bed at home!

I did have an ultra sound today just to check baby's growth. He looks healthy and good, but is measuring small. Lila was the same way. She measured small but healthy the whole pregnancy and even though I had her full term at 39 weeks, she was only 5lb 15oz. This makes me happy for my labor, but I wish he was bigger in case he comes early. His head was measuring pretty good though and he is head down.
The bump, almost 30 weeks.

I'm pretty ready to be out of the hospital at this point. I've been here for 5 weeks and am a little tired of the routine. While every single nurse and tech I've had has been amazing, I'm kind of excited not to have them walk in anytime they want when I get home. I won't miss the food either! I have read lots of good books though, which has been really fun for me. Mostly, I can't wait to see Chris and Lila more. It feels so weird to see them only about an hour most evenings.

It was an eventful day last Thursday when Chris called me in the morning to let me know my car had been stolen from our driveway! I thought he had to be joking, but unfortunately, he wasn't. After this whole pregnancy thing and Lila's tooth disaster, at this point we just have to laugh at our bad luck. Whoever took the car broke into Chris's car first and stole his ipad and ipod and found a key to my car that Chris had stashed in there since he goes back and forth between cars. I'm sure once they realized the key went to my car, they ditched his and took mine. We've been racking our brains to think what was in there. Luckily, Lila's car seat was in Chris's car and her stroller was at Tara's. My ipod was in there, 2 of Chris's golf clubs, a few books and toys Lila had just gotten for her birthday, my scriptures, and about three baby outfits from Gap I had bought before being hospitalized. All of that is replaceable but frustrating to lose. Chris called the police and I got to work tracking down serial numbers on our electronics to give to them.

The scary thing was that there was a house key on the key ring they took, so if they wanted to, they could have come into the house as well. That freaks me out! Chris had the locks changed that day. I keep hoping some teens decided to take the car on a joy ride and that it will turn up abandoned somewhere, but so far no luck. We moved into a nicer neighborhood thinking this wouldn't happen but the cop told Chris that a lot of car thefts in neighborhoods like ours are middle class teens that just don't have consciences. The insurance will pay for a rental for 2 weeks and if the car doesn't turn up in that 2 weeks, they write a check. We still have to pay a deductible and who knows what the insurance will decide is a fair amount to compensate for the car. It's very frustrating that we have to pay out of pocket for someone else's bad decision but we are learning we have no control lately, so what's the use in being too upset about it. The important thing is that we are all healthy and safe, my cervix is cooperating, Lila is doing really well even though things aren't perfect, and we have a lot of family and friends that have been very generous and supportive!

Here are some pictures of Lila that Tara has texted me over the past while:

At Tara's boys' football games playing with baby stuff

Enjoying her food!

She let Tara french braid her hair! Shocking!

Picking flowers on a walk

Running...always running

Cute pony 

And for my mom, who I keep telling how long Lila's hair is getting