Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updates and Easter

Updates on Lila...or just scroll down for lots of Easter pictures!

Lila is 8 months old today! She is doing new things constantly and amazing me with how much she is growing and changing. I love how playful she is and her smile is quite infectious. She is a busy little thing and is a mover despite the fact that she doesn't officially crawl yet. She acts like she is going to crawl, then sticks her bum straight in the air like she wants to get up and walk, then finally resorts to going back onto her tummy and scoots around. In between scoots she goes back onto her knees and tries to crawl again. It makes for pretty good entertainment! She still prefers being on her stomach in the bath even though she sits up fine now. I think she likes sliding around and trying to drink the water. She splashes like a mad woman, then looks at me in shock when her face is covered in water.

Lila had her weight check today at the pediatrician's office. One month ago she weighed 14.6 pounds which put her in the 8th percentile. Today she weighed 15.6 gaining exactly a pound and landing her all the way into the 10th percentile...at least it went up! This is due to the fact that Lila has completely weened herself. Last month I started trying to supplement with formula since she wasn't gaining and she was having less wet diapers. I could tell that she was eating less and less from me. After a few days she got the hang of eating formula out of a sippy (I didn't want to deal with bottles.) I was hoping to both nurse and formula feed but as soon as Lila got comfortable with the sippy, she wanted nothing to do with me, not even the morning feeding! Honestly, I know she needed more and had been getting so distracted while nursing that I am not sad about being done. We made it 7 1/2 months. There are definite positives and negatives to both. The negative about formula I despise is the price. Holy Cow that stuff is expensive and goes fast!

Easter started early in the month with a sweet pop up bunny card from my Grandma Calder. Lila loved ripping the envelope open and immediately stuck the card in her mouth. This is where everything goes!

My mom put together an amazing Easter package for all of us, spoiling us like always! We received all kinds of fun things but here is Lila in one of the cute outfits she sent. I would have taken a picture of Chris and I devouring the Sees Chocolates she sent us, but I'm sure you can use your imagination for that one. (I still haven't figured out what the east has against the best chocolate, but we need a Sees!)

Lila's Easter basket. I added the poofs to spruce it up a bit.

Lila looked adorable for her first Easter Sunday except for the hour or so that she decided to scream during church. The rest of the day was much nicer! I took tons of pictures, of course.
Love this one!

Digging in!

Realizing there are puffs in her easter eggs.

Why do babies like anything that isn't actually a toy?

Yes, I coordinated us.

I had just fed Lila and was trying to keep her clean before taking some pictures. I can't resist that squishy tummy!

Doing a hunt at Mamie and Papa's later in the afternoon. Once she found one egg, she wasn't interested in finding more. I have a feeling this is the one and only year she will feel this way!

Showing Mamie their spoils.

Cohen decided he wanted to be her buddy. She's not so sure she wants to be his... Maybe she is holding it against him that he like to chuck balls at her. Not many 1 year old boys could resist!

She looks like a little easter egg.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Petite Princess

Despite this chick's round cheeks, she has always been pretty petite. Her weight has never been above the 30th percentile though her height has always been above the 50th. When people ask me how old she is, they never fail to comment on how small she seems for her age. This, of course is worrisome to a first time mom!

I took her to the Dr. last week at 7 months (should have been her 6 mo. check up but we are off because of an insurance misunderstanding...meaning they wanted to charge me over $2000 when we owed nothing. Don't worry, Chris was all over that!) Anyway, she is healthy but dropped from the 26th to the 8th percentile in weight! She dropped in height percentile too but not by as much. The Dr. didn't seem too concerned but wants me to bring her back in at the end of this month for a weight check to see if she is still dropping.

He said it could just be her slimming down more like a lot of 6 to 7 mo. olds do, genetics (Chris's family, especially the girls, are all very long and lean) or I may need to supplement with some formula because my milk supply is down or she has lost interest. He also mentioned she may be getting too full on food which doesn't have the high fat that my milk does.

So, I bought that YoBaby whole milk yogurt and am trying to have her nurse more but she doesn't seem to want more. I am also giving her more oatmeal cereal mixed with formula than I was before. Any other suggestions? I am thinking I will probably have to give her some formula, which I'm fine with except for the fact that she won't take a bottle and hasn't mastered the sippy yet! Should be interesting.

Enough of that. Here's what we all know this blog needs more of... pictures of Lila!

Gotta love this yoga like pose. I think she is trying to get into a sitting position.

I had no idea Chris dressed in blue this day and did not intentionally coordinate Lila and myself but it made for a cute family picture after meeting for lunch one Friday.

I think she likes her new shoes.

More pool days. Which means more swim suits! :)

I know, I know, babies don't need hair bows at the pool. Well, mine does. Don't worry, when we got there I took it off and put a hat on.

I know she has food on her face but my mom wants pictures of her clothes, so this one made the cut!
Love those baby blues!

Getting Lila kisses! (Leg of the coffee table got in Chris's way)

Lila loves books already. Makes this mamma proud!

Look out! Someone has been getting up on her knees a lot lately. I can't wait to see this girl on the move. Did I just say that?

At 7 months Lila has some sass and a half and has no problem letting us know what she wants (although this is nothing new). I could post some videos to prove it! She has no fear, giving us belly laughs when we toss her in the air or hold her upside down. Lila cries when anyone other than Chris or I hold her (sigh!) but once I get her back she then feels bad for whoever she just dissed and will smile at them and lean towards them to let them know there are no hard feelings. She keeps me on my toes for sure and I am loving it! She is too much fun and Chris and I feel like the luckiest people on earth right now. We can't get enough of our Lila Girl!