Friday, July 8, 2011

Overdue for Lila Pictures

A little message from apple saying, "Your start up disk is full" haunted us for awhile until we finally took in our laptop and were told we were out of space! That's why I haven't been able to post new pictures of Lila. We now have an external hard drive and lots of space for more Lila pictures. Here are some from the past month:

Love her blue eyes and her new pj's

Although it's the camera's fault, this is the speed I feel like Lila is always in

I made a million new hair bows for a friend's baby shower and saved a few for Lila. I learned a lot of cool new ways to make hair things! Now I just need to remake some of the ones I gave away because they were so cute! (Like she's in need of any more!)

Lila looking cute in butterflies and a new headband of course.

First time on a carousel. She was kind of indifferent to the whole experience.

I was trying to take a picture if Lila in a pretty blue shirt, but the camera case was in the way. See what happens when I take it away.

All better again.

Chris had a Saturday off so we took Lila to the aquarium. We had fun, but Lila decided to be scared of the indoor areas that were a bit dark. She never cried, but had a death grip on Chris's shirt. It was kind of funny.

Lila's July 3rd Sunday outfit. We rocked the 4th of July spirit!
Love this face.

On the 4th of July. This is what Lila looks like when she watches "Tangled" and only Tangled. We think she has hair envy.

Lila watching fireworks. She would flinch but seemed to like them.

Lila got two boo boo's the other day and it made me so sad. She wouldn't let me put ice on either side of her head. They swelled up nice and big but now she just has bruises. Poor kid.

This is from today. It has been raining all June (at least that's what it feels like.) We are anxious to get outside and to the beach or pool soon!

Now you've had your Lila fill.