Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Blog for a Random Week

I'm tired of seeing the word "chocolate" in my last post title for so long, so I figured instead of getting a craving for sugar all the time, I'd just post something new.

Lila and I have had some more free time lately since I haven't been tutoring with school having started for my students.
We've spent some time at the mall where Lila has discovered the play place. When we get near it she starts shrieking and squirming to get down. I try to look past the coughing, snot smearing kids and especially the little boy who had a nasty accident in his pants and was STILL playing with his mom right behind him. Ew. I also had to bite my tongue at the cliquish 4 year old girls who told Lila that no babies were allowed to play with them. I still haven't quite figured out why we are supposed to be "as a little child...." Anyway, Lila loves to follow the big kids around and climb on things she shouldn't be climbing on. Here she is as queen of the bridge.

We spend too much time at home since it is still horridly hot here and I can only think of so many indoor places to go to. She was pretty excited about the sewing machine I got for my birthday. Correction, she was pretty excited about the styrofoam that encased the sewing machine I got for my birthday.

Love this face!

We've been to the fountains I've posted about before a couple times this past week.
She loves them, so do I.
Right in the middle of it all!

With her friend, Luke, after getting changed. Well, friend is a loose term at this age. He runs away from her and she points at him a lot.

I tried to post a video at the fountains for my family who want to see her walking more, but it's not working, so I'll try later.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a Girl Will do For Chocolate!

Lila is a walker! Well, becoming a walker! She started moving her feet a little yesterday, then took about 4 steps to me. When Chris got home from work, she walked to him. It made his day! She wouldn't do it for the camera, so just ignore the fact that I lured her with chocolate. Do take note, however, that she wouldn't let me help her eat it. What a girl! Now she stands all the time and tries to walk more. She still doesn't make it very far, but she's getting better.
(You don't need to watch the last 10 seconds or so... if you were going to watch it at all. :) I didn't edit it.)

Since this post is about a milestone, I'll throw a couple more in there for journal keeping sake. Lila had her one-year-old appt on Tuesday and here are her stats:
Height: 30.5 inches, 89%
Weight: 20 lbs, 32%
Head: 18 inches, 69% (no one cares about head, but there it is anyway!)

Lila has her two bottom teeth (finally!) She didn't cut her first tooth until 11 months. She likes to play with her teeth by catching them on her fingernail over and over. It didn't seem to bother her too bad to cut them, so I hope the rest will come in as uneventfully.

Lila thinks she can swim. I'm going to have to put her in swim lessons early so she doesn't drown. Whenever we are in water, she likes to be on her stomach, kicking her legs and flapping her arms. She has no fear so far and will crawl straight into the water!

Lila is a loud, loud baby. She babbles incoherently but constantly when she is happy. She does say her own version of momma and dada correctly (sounds more like memmom and dadada.)

She's pretty darn cute when she's not screaming to get her way. She is quite adept to making sure we know what she wants.
We are having so much fun watching all the funny things she does.