Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Months

Lila is now 2 months old! I can't believe it! She seems to be growing and changing so fast. Here are some new pictures and things she does.
She gives lots of smiles now...unless I am trying to show someone her smiles.

I love this face! I can't stop kissing her cheeks. Surprisingly this is the only place she has rolls and chub. She still has skinny arms and legs.

During the day she sleeps longer on the couch. Why? I have no idea. Maybe we should break this habit.

Her favorite thing after she eats is to fling herself over my lap and hang upside down, smacking and licking her lips. When I try to pull her up she arches her back and throws herself back down or pushes back with her feet. I promise I'm not a bad mom, she really likes this.

I have finally found something Lila likes to lay in! Can I just say, thank goodness?! I put her play gym together a couple weeks ago, thinking that this was a futile act since no other baby thing seems to hold her fancy (aka she screams in her swing and bouncy so hard she practically stops breathing). Lo and behold, she actually will lie under it and look at the flashing sea turtle and dangling toys that her frantic little arms accidentally hit for more than 10 minutes.

Lila likes bath time. When she first feels the water she gets an, "I don't know about this" look on her face but soon warms up to the idea of getting wet.

Her hair cracks me up. She has baby fuzz on the top and sides but has about 1 inch of hair that hangs down her neck. I guess that is a nice description of a mullet.

I know you can't see her face in this picture, but I had to show off her sweet gold shoes. I wish I could wear most things in her closet!

I can't wait for our trunk or treat at church so Lila can wear her Halloween costume. She got to wear most of it last Saturday to a friend's halloween party, but I didn't have time to finish her tutu. I'll post pictures when she has the whole thing on. Be prepared to see the cutest baby ballerina ever, or so this mom says.

This girls has so much spice and spunk already, it is crazy! She gets amazing distance when she decides she doesn't want her binky and spits it out. She refuses to lay her head on my shoulder to relax or be burped unless she is ridiculously tired in the middle of the night. This means she has a really strong neck and uses it to look all around her. She is incredibly alert and loves to take everything in. Lila likes to stand, putting weight on her legs. I think this makes her feel like a big girl. :) Lila and I like to stroll around different malls and neighborhoods for some exercise for me and sleep for her. We also like to hang out at friends' houses for a change or scenery and adults to talk to.
Lila's acid reflux is finally more under control now and she is so much happier throughout the day. I think she has a touch of colic, but it is not so bad. Lila is still mixed up on night and day. Her average bed time is around 3 am. Lucky me. She will take little 20 minute naps earlier than that, but isn't really down until then. She will keep eating and going back to sleep for good stretches until around 11am or noon. This lets me catch up on some sleep but is not so good when we have to be somewhere. I'm going to have to buck up soon and keep her awake in the morning so she goes to bed earlier at night.
We love our Lila!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Because

Just because I think she's cute

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I realize that Lila is 6 weeks old, thus making her oblivious to the fact that I took her to the super cool Florida Aquarium. However, I can get in for free and, let's face it, I have been waiting to do stuff like this for a long time. I always wanted to be the mom taking her kids to parks, museums, play groups, malls and other fun places. I like to get out of the house and it's never too young to start, right? I'm sure the fact that she slept through half of if didn't affect her experience at all. :)

I'm too tired to put the pictures in order or anything like that, so here is our fun day at the aquarium with my sister in law, Camie and her cute little ones, Calla and Cohen.

Don't worry, Calla loves "Baby Wyla" as she calls her, and was holding on tight.

Cute Cousins! Lila doesn't look so sure about this photo situation.

Look who just woke up. Showin' off that double chin!

It's acid reflux...not an aversion to the sting ray show we were watching. 15 mins after eating, right on cue. Oh, how I love acid reflux, sigh. And the medication that hasn't kicked in yet, double sigh.

Notice Lila hanging onto the straps. This is only because the straps keep those hands from touching her face, which is where they really want to be but can't reach.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

For Mom

For my mom who subtly reminded me she has been looking at the same newborn pictures forever. :) Sorry mom.
Can I just say that I have GOT to figure out how to take a picture. I don't even know how turn my flash off. Internet, here I come.

You may have noticed Lila is quite chunky now. At 5 weeks she is now 8 lbs 10 oz. I realize this is smaller than I was at birth, but Lila came home from the hospital at 5 lb 9 oz so I am pretty amazed. Especially since in 21 days she put on 2.5 lbs! Good job Lila!