Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Lila Photos

I know I need to update this blog and have had ideas of posts for a long time.
Like, mom vs. the baby food, in which baby food is the clear winner. The deciding factor was when lila leaned over the side of her Bumbo which was perched (safely and fully) on the corner of the tub in which I was bathing and spit up most of her sweet potatoes into the water. Yes, I was still in it. No pictures were taken of this occurance but plenty of pictures of Lila covered in food are stored for her wedding video.

Instead I have cute random pictures of Lila which I can't seem to stop taking.
I'm afraid I have created a monster in that every time I change Lila she thinks afterwards she has to stand up and play in her basket with all her supplies. Even when she is in a bad mood this makes her happy.

I went shopping with a couple friends last weekend and Lila was spoiled by them. They are both baby lovers and were more than happy to hold her. I love this sweet face!

Good thing we all were willing to hold Lila because her stroller was needed for another use. Yes, my stroller is under all that stuff- which I'm proud to say most of is not mine.

Can you tell Lila loves her binkies? I didn't even realize she had that many of them on her play mat but she managed to gather them all together. I promise I didn't do it. My little hoarder. :)

Lila on Valentine's Day. She had 2 cute red outfits because one got spit up on of course! Luckily Mammie (Chris's mom) got her this red hooded coat and leggings which were so cozy and cute on her.

Lila is trying to pull her knees up already. I'm not ready for her to crawl yet!

Camie and I tried to get a cousin picture in their red Valentine's clothes at her house but it was rather difficult. (Lila's shirt says "kiss me" so cute!)

As good as it gets.

Lila in leg warmers is my new obsession. Here is just one pair, but my sister sent me others that I have been putting on her with dresses. Love it!

Lila with our friend's baby Luke. From the look on her face I don't think she's going to be a good sharer.

Maybe she's just jealous of all his hair.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ta Da. Here are the hair saga results. Bear in mind please that some make-up got washed off during rinsing in the sink plus this picture was taken at 11:30 pm! I got there at 5:15pm and left at 11:30! She was coloring and cutting both my friend and I, but I was not planning on being there so late.
I still can't decide. Right after she finished I LOVED it. I was shocked how short it was and how little hair I seem to have but she cut exactly how I described and it was such a fun change. Now I have been trying to decide if it looks good. I thought I would be a little blonder and longer but I like that it looks natural and it's still is quite a bit lighter than it used to be. I got home and Chris didn't like it. That was kind of a bummer...him being my husband and all!
It actually looks longer and redder in the picture to me than in person. There are tons of choppy layers but now I feel like it looks like Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" haircut (more so today now that I slept on it and it bounced up a little more).
Jury is still out.

Some from today taken by yours truly.

Here is the pony originally cut off so you can see color difference.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bright Idea?

Recently Lila and I had a little outing at a mall in Tampa. We had a fun day browsing and buying outfits for a friend having twins (yay Jenna!) I made a pit stop in the mother's lounge to feed and change Lila. Now I don't claim to be a brainiac by any means, but seriously?! Who puts a motion activated paper towel dispenser directly above the changing table? Really?

Lila thought it was the greatest thing since...well she doesn't know about sliced bread yet but she thought it was pretty fun. I couldn't help thinking of all the wasted paper towels over time. Just in the time it took me to change her diaper I threw away two arm loads of paper towels. Every time Lila kicked her little legs or waved her frantic arms more towels fluttered into her awaiting arms. Every time I moved, same result. Whose bright idea was that?!

Now, this really was a bright idea if I do say so myself.
Lila has issues with riding in the car. They have improved but it is still no fun being in the car with this girl. She hates being strapped into things and hates when she isn't moving. This makes traffic and red lights torture as I have mentioned in previous posts. My mom got Lila this awesome piano toy for Christmas. It is supposed to be tied to the crib or somewhere where the baby can kick it to make the notes and animal sounds play and little characters light up. It also has a mode to play songs continuously that change when different keys are kicked. I have been using it on the floor for her to push with her hands but it occurred to me that she could kick it in the car. It has helped tremendously! Thanks mom!

Finally, I am hoping that changing my hair is still a bright idea.
Most of my family and especially Chris are not so thrilled about the idea but after dragging my feet about who to go to and if I should really do it, I have a consultation scheduled for Friday. There is a consultation first because the girl cutting my hair is a friend of a friend and doing it for cheaper out of her house than in her salon so she needs to see my hair to know what dyes etc to use. I am hoping it goes well because I have heard red hair is hard to dye. I think the fact she wants a consult first is a good omen. We will see...