Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost There

There's finally a light at the end of this long tunnel I've been stuck in for too long! I will be 36 weeks pregnant on Thursday and will be getting my cerclage out and will be proclaimed a "normal pregnant woman." Dr's words, not mine. I don't think there's anything normal about pregnancies and the more I talk to people, the more I wonder how many people actually have a routine pregnancy! 

Here is my great self portrait taken last Friday at 35 weeks before my dr appt. (probably the only reason  I'm wearing real clothes.)

At my appointment they did an ultra sound to do a baby growth check. I have those every 3 weeks to make sure he's making gains since he measures small. They're guessing he weighs about 5 lbs right now (24th percentile), his abdomen measures small, but his head is right on. He's a little too cramped to get an idea of length, but all looked good. I have an ultra sound every week so they can check my fluid and to make sure all his vitals look good. It's fun for me to see him so often! I was dilated to a 1 but there was not pressure on the cerclage and the dr said that wasn't anything to worry about at this point.

As you can imagine, after getting my cerclage put in about 22 weeks ago and being on strict, flat out  bed rest for about 12 of those weeks, I have been making a list of all the things I want to do before the baby comes. (I'm hoping he'll give me a few weeks!) 

*I want to walk a mall! (And shop for baby stuff)
*Make it at least one more time to Busch Gardens with Lila
*Finish cleaning out my garage (the little my mom didn't get to finish for me!)
*Take a bath (you aren't allowed to swim or soak with a cerclage in.)
*Go to a movie
*Go out to dinner
*Finish the nursery
*Lift Lila (poor girl's been over my lifting limit since the cerclage)
*Grocery's the little things, not to mention I spend less than Chris!
*Do a little Christmas shopping
*Try to repay some of the service that's been given to me 
*Just not think about being careful all the time

There's more, mostly having to do with shopping, errands, and cleaning but you get the idea. I'm a little worried that either I'm going to be so excited to do so much that I overdo it and have the baby earlier than I want to or that I will want to do so much but since I've basically been a sloth for so long, I'm not going to have the energy or muscle mass to carry out many of my plans!

Enough of all that, here's my cute Lila! Tara sent me a lot of these cute pictures.

Watching cows with the twins Tara watches

Playing with chalk. Apparently she didn't try to eat any of it this time, so I guess she's growing up!

Blurry ones I took outside with Chris pushing her on the swing.

Finally cool weather for pants and long sleeves!

Her new favorite way to enjoy the swings:

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Mom C. said...

YAY You made it to 36 weeks! Good luck with your To Do List. :) Aunt Nila