Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Liam Hugh Harris

I guess since my baby is now 3 weeks old, it's finally time to do a post for the poor kid. Plus it just felt weird every time I'd click on my blog and the first words on my page are, "I'm still pregnant." Since Liam is proof that I most definitely am not still pregnant, it's time to post something else.

Liam Hugh Harris joined our family at 7:50 am on November 29th. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz. and was 20 inches long. He has blue eyes and brown hair (so far) and it is really long! Like, over his ears, down his neck, I can make a faux hawk long. It's pretty fun to have something different since Lila is so blonde.

This is before our ward Christmas party when Liam was just over a week old. Can you tell Lila is not so thrilled he is here? I tried to get her to hold him and she emphatically shook her head and pushed him away. I sat him next to her and she moved as far away from him as she could. 

Now she will look at him, laugh at him, pretend to kiss him (her lips never actually touch his skin) and touch her nose to his. Mostly though she just pretends he's not there which is better than the hitting we were anticipating. Instead she has decided to take her wrath out on me. Lila has always been a hard kid and now she's kind of impossible. I'm hoping she will chill out soon and accept that she's not the only child anymore! If there's something naughty to do, she'll find it. If there doesn't seem to be anything she can get into or destroy, she'll create something. It's been a fun three weeks...

Luckily Liam has been a wonderful baby so far and is super patient when he has to get on and off while nursing so I can stop Lila from whatever bad thing she is doing or when I need to cook or shower. He has days and nights mostly figured out which is great for my sanity! He and Lila always seem to have most of their nap time coincide so I get to nap too. It's fabulous!

Chris has been a fantastic dad of two and has taken on the role of giving Lila extra attention when he gets home from work. He also gets up with Lila most mornings so I can get some extra sleep. For whatever reason Lila thinks 6:30 is a good wake up time even though we don't need to be anywhere! Chris loves having a boy around and I love listening to him talk to Liam while he holds him. It's very sweet. 

I have some gorgeous pictures my dad took of Liam and the rest of the family but they are on Chris's computer so I still need to get them off. I'll post those soon and his birth story too. For now, we are just happy he is here safe and sound and that he is so healthy after all my pregnancy drama! We just love him!


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Yeah! I love him already and I'm so glad he's being so nice to you :) Now if Lila could just learn a lesson from her little brother. Going to miss you next week but hope to get to see you all in a few months!

Jenna said...

He is so precious! I think Lila and Brooklyn would do great together. They can be impossible together!