Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Here and Kicking

In 2 days I will be 30 weeks pregnant! I can't wait to get out of the 20's...it just sounds better! I have just over another 2 weeks in the hospital for sure, then they check me and if I look like I'm still holding steady, they will send me home. Chris wants me here longer, but I really don't think the doctors are going to go for it this time. I haven't gotten any worse and they aren't doing anything for me except giving me progesterone suppositories and bed rest. I can do that at home for a few more weeks until we are out of any danger zone. I don't think he trusts me to be good and stay in bed at home!

I did have an ultra sound today just to check baby's growth. He looks healthy and good, but is measuring small. Lila was the same way. She measured small but healthy the whole pregnancy and even though I had her full term at 39 weeks, she was only 5lb 15oz. This makes me happy for my labor, but I wish he was bigger in case he comes early. His head was measuring pretty good though and he is head down.
The bump, almost 30 weeks.

I'm pretty ready to be out of the hospital at this point. I've been here for 5 weeks and am a little tired of the routine. While every single nurse and tech I've had has been amazing, I'm kind of excited not to have them walk in anytime they want when I get home. I won't miss the food either! I have read lots of good books though, which has been really fun for me. Mostly, I can't wait to see Chris and Lila more. It feels so weird to see them only about an hour most evenings.

It was an eventful day last Thursday when Chris called me in the morning to let me know my car had been stolen from our driveway! I thought he had to be joking, but unfortunately, he wasn't. After this whole pregnancy thing and Lila's tooth disaster, at this point we just have to laugh at our bad luck. Whoever took the car broke into Chris's car first and stole his ipad and ipod and found a key to my car that Chris had stashed in there since he goes back and forth between cars. I'm sure once they realized the key went to my car, they ditched his and took mine. We've been racking our brains to think what was in there. Luckily, Lila's car seat was in Chris's car and her stroller was at Tara's. My ipod was in there, 2 of Chris's golf clubs, a few books and toys Lila had just gotten for her birthday, my scriptures, and about three baby outfits from Gap I had bought before being hospitalized. All of that is replaceable but frustrating to lose. Chris called the police and I got to work tracking down serial numbers on our electronics to give to them.

The scary thing was that there was a house key on the key ring they took, so if they wanted to, they could have come into the house as well. That freaks me out! Chris had the locks changed that day. I keep hoping some teens decided to take the car on a joy ride and that it will turn up abandoned somewhere, but so far no luck. We moved into a nicer neighborhood thinking this wouldn't happen but the cop told Chris that a lot of car thefts in neighborhoods like ours are middle class teens that just don't have consciences. The insurance will pay for a rental for 2 weeks and if the car doesn't turn up in that 2 weeks, they write a check. We still have to pay a deductible and who knows what the insurance will decide is a fair amount to compensate for the car. It's very frustrating that we have to pay out of pocket for someone else's bad decision but we are learning we have no control lately, so what's the use in being too upset about it. The important thing is that we are all healthy and safe, my cervix is cooperating, Lila is doing really well even though things aren't perfect, and we have a lot of family and friends that have been very generous and supportive!

Here are some pictures of Lila that Tara has texted me over the past while:

At Tara's boys' football games playing with baby stuff

Enjoying her food!

She let Tara french braid her hair! Shocking!

Picking flowers on a walk

Running...always running

Cute pony 

And for my mom, who I keep telling how long Lila's hair is getting


Jen and Bryan said...

Oh my goodness! Your luck is not fab right now! But at least that little guy is staying in there and he's nice and healthy. I'm sure that helped the blow of losing the car. I swear I just need to pop some popcorm and sit down and read your blog. Always entertaining!! Keep those legs crossed! Love you all!!!

Grant Layton said...

Lila's hair is SO cute! I love it. And 30 weeks is BIG stuff...so awesome :) I'm sure your mind can't totally be at ease, but that is definitely a big milestone. You are amazing, LOVE YOU!

Mom C. said...

So you amaze me how small your baby bump is!!! I remember thinking that with Lila too. Glad your little guy is doing good and staying in there. Can't even believe your bad luck lately but your attitude about it all is AMAZING! Lila looks so cute in the pics! Can't believe how big she is! Love her hair ...it is getting long! HANG IN THERE! love ya, Aunt Nila

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